Green Corridor Presents: The First Canadian
‘Rockin Off the Grid’ WINDSOR ON-

Students from the Green Corridor class at the University of Windsor presented, ‘Rockin’ off the Grid’ with blues-rock band The Tree Streets and local favorites Inoke Errati, March 31st, 2009 at 8:00pm. It took place at the University of Windsor in the Basement Pub, 401 Sunset Ave.

The bands played with 1,000 amps of power, which were delivered by pedaling cyclists on stationary bikes and a solar and wind-powered energy trailer.

The event was the first Canadian concert that was completely off the grid; a demonstration of alternative energy and its many applications. This was a free event, open to the public and sponsored by WINDSOR POWER HOUSE.

To see a video of the performance, head over to the media section.