The Open Corridor Project is a program of diverse and dynamic public art exhibitions, events and performances situated in, along and through the Green Corridor over the summer months of 2009.

As a “drive through gallery space” the Open Corridor festival will engage a diverse public from local pedestrians to international travelers. Open Corridor provides the larger community with an international forum for shared creative activity and commentary, engaging the public in arts and culture while generating a discussion of urban infrastructure benefits and detriments.

The unique location of Open Corridor allows us to target the immediate community, regional general public, national media at the international border, as well as the local and international vehicle audience entering Canada through the Ambassador Bridge border crossing. Because of Open Corridor’s highly accessible and open location, audiences who might not usually engage themselves in visual art events or consider issues of sustainability and urban sprawl will be exposed to Open Corridor.

Open Corridor is a gift to the Windsor community, and it is through this gift that the Green Corridor Project proposes a celebration and proactive view of Windsor. This project is intended to compel the City of Windsor to recognize its value and the value of its creative community.